Holi: Festival of Colours

holi, holika dahen, festival of colours
The Tyohar of Rang, Holi, signifies the arrival of the season of nature, the most pleasant season of all the time, the ‘Spring Season.’

The Tyohar of Rang, Holi, signifies the arrival of the season of nature, the most pleasant season of all the time, the ‘Spring Season.’

There is no one specific day for Holi. The day every year is decided as for the movement of the moon. It is celebrated for 2 days. During this time our Mother India is glorified with the blooming fields signifying the arrival of a good harvest season.

Why is Holi Celebrated?

We have several mythological incidents that prove that the festival of Holi is a symbolization of the victory of good over evil.

Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan is part of the ritual in the festival. It signifies the importance of Holi. Holika, a demon and sister of King Hiranyakashipu. As per the legend, Holika was immune to flames. Hiranyakashipu’s son was the devotees of Lord Vishnu. His father wanted his son to worship him instead. After numerous failed attempts Holika sat on a fire pit with Prahlad to end his life. But in the end, Holika paid the price for her horrible act.

The love story of Radha Krishna

Legend says the mythological couple Radha and Krishna’s love story remains incomplete. One of the reasons for the separation was the difference in skin color. To tackle the situation for clever Krishna was not that difficult. Lord Krishna applied rangoli on Radha and all of his gopis to diminish the contrast of their skins. Thus, the festival of colors came into place.

Astrological Significance of Holi

As per astrology calculations, when the sun and moon are on opposite ends, the time is said to be auspicious and this is the day when Holi is celebrated.

 The position of planets on this day:

  •     Sun: house of Aquarius and Pisces
  •     Moon: house of Leo and Virgo

Holi and Zodiac Signs

As per astrology, every color has a significant purpose for every Zodiac Sign.


  •     Suitable color: Red
  •     Other colors: Pink, yellow, white

As per Jitubhai’s prediction,  the aries are advised to apply tilak on Ganeshji before stepping out to play with family and friends.


  •     Suitable colors: Blue, Green, White and Golden Colours

As predicted by Jitubhai, offering argh to Lord Surya will help attract good fortune on the day of Holi. It is also advised to avoid dark colors.


  •     Suitable colors: Green, Blue

According to Jitubhai Pandit, Gemini should visit Shiva temple with families and later play with those colors received from the temple.


  •     These people love to play with water-based colors and would be the best host this holiday season


  •     Suitable colors: Saffron, Red, Green, Pink, and shades of Yellow

As per Jitubhai, offering argh mixed with Kumkum to Lord Surya is a must. Taking father’s blessing and playing with him first will help remove bad omen.


  •     Suitable colors: Green and Blue

As per Jitubhai’s study, playing with their gurus and taking blessings from Lord Ganesha is advised. It will bring prosperity.


  •     Suitable colors: Pink, Blue, White, and bright colors

Libra’s should play Holi with their love partners, and those who are single are advised to take blessings from a girl child for good luck.


  •     Suitable colors: White, Pink, Red

Scorpios are advised to avoid playing colors with water. Jitubhai’s advice is to apply orange tilak to Lord Pawan Putra.


  •     Suitable colors: Orange, Red, Yellow

Jitubhai’s advice is to apply gulaal to Lord Shiva or their gurus before playing. 


  •     Suitable colors: Sky Blue, Green, White
  •     Avoid Black color

Jitubhai’s advice is to offer color to Radha Krishna.


  •     Suitable colors: Lilac, Blue, White
  •     Avoid Black color

As per Jitubhai, one should offer blue color to Lord Shani or Lord Shiva.


  •     Suitable colors: Yellow, Pink, Red, White

Pisces are advised to offer Turmeric to Lord Vishnu on the day of Holi.

Holi Remedies- during Holika Dahan

As per astrology, the Holika Dahan ritual is one of the most important. According to jitubhai, the following remedies would help people overcome their problems:

  • Applying Barley flour during Holika Dahan will remove all the family sufferings and tensions.
  • Offering nuts and sweets during Holika Dahan will bring peace and improvement to the family.
  • Offering betel leaves supari and coconut will help pay off your hard work and continuous efforts.
  •  Offering coconut during Holika Dahan will help in your shine in your career and job life.
  • Donate to the poor. There should not be any reason for such noble tasks!!