How do you predict in astrology when I will have a baby?

In India, JituBhai is an Astrologer. He also helps if you are having pregnancy issues. He uses his astrological abilities to solve any pregnancy complication. His happy customers now dwell in India, Canada, Germany, America, Italy, Australia, and many more. By God’s grace, they will bring happiness to their children. JituBhai can help you if you’re having problems with your pregnancy.

astrology baby birthEvery mother desires the joy of giving birth to a child. Without a kid, a woman believes herself incomplete. Marriages took place at a young age in the past, and children were also born at a young age. The marriage age has risen.

The average age at which girls in cities marry is 26 years. After finishing their studies, both boys and girls attain the age of 30. There are many couples without children if you look around.

You are perfectly healthy, and everything is normal, but you still are not having a child. Their astrology will help you; you can find when you will become pregnant.

You will provide us with details regarding your birth date, time and location.

After a comprehensive examination of your horoscope, we will inform you which planet is causing obstruction and whether you should worship any planet. We will give you guidance through astrology. Through it we will determine the exact age you will conceive or become pregnant through your horoscope.

Effective Mantras for Child’s Development

For childless couples, the SantanGopal Mantra is a miracle mantra. If you’ve had multiple miscarriages, your child hasn’t stayed with you, or you don’t have a child for any other reason, the child Gopal chant and worship is a simple method that anybody can practice.

SantanGopal Mantra also protects the child’s delivery.

Lord Krishna is the ‘Gopal’ mantras are a blessing for offspring. For mother and father, worshiping him as BalGopal is effective. BalGopal is another name for this mantra, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

This motto has helped many childless couples achieve child happiness. This mantra is to keep the relationship in harmony. It boosts the possibilities of conceiving a child, conquering infertility, getting pregnant and avoiding miscarriage.

Role of Planets in Child Birth

In your horoscope, this house represents your chances of having children. Good planets in the 5th house, such as Jupiter, Venus, or the Moon, aid in the healthy growth of the fetus, but dry and malefic planets, such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars, or the Sun, may make birthing difficult.

The prime significator for children is Jupiter, who oversees the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, for example, because it is in a malefic house (6th, 8th, or 12th house) or conjunction with malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn, they may hamper childbearing.

The Sun in the 5th house will bring your dreams concerning children to fruition.

The sole exception is the moon, which is not affected by Saturn, RahuKetu, or the sun. The powerful moon has a positive effect on child prediction based on the day of birth.


If you believe in astrology, you may wonder how many children you will have in the future. You can simply get an answer to this issue using astrology. Astrology devotees are always on the lookout for future developments in their lives. JituBhai’s guidance will help you resolve all child problems. With his guidance, you will get fruitful results.