How to save a marriage when love is gone?


Marriage does not feel like a burden or weight we need to carry if love and respect between the partners. Marriage is a promise where two people take oaths to spend their life together. But after years of togetherness, there is no love anymore but day-to-day conflicts, marriages, indian marriage, divorce

Nowadays, life is more complex, and it is a pressure to earn to pay EMI and credit card bills. Partners merely take time to spend it together. There is a lot of communication gap.

Let us look into some tips on how you can save your marriage besides the above-said issues.

  1. Jot down the possibilities of what went wrong in the marriage – If you want to work things out in your relationship, the first possible step should be to realize and understand what went wrong that there is no love anymore in your marriage. Common issues that hollow the relationship are financial stress, work, family, lack of communication, and many more.
  2. Recall all the good memories you made together with your better half. You should recall all the good and fun memories created with your partner and realize that you should give at least a chance to try and save your marriage. Simple realization about the importance of your better half and this relationship is the first step in a path to save a marriage.
  3. Try to understand your partner’s likes and dislikes – In the initial days of marriage, spouses make an effort to understand what their significant other likes and dislikes and fall in love with their choices and the reasons behind them or the stories. Over time people change or evolve so are their likes and dislikes. Partners should take time to understand what they prefer nowadays.
  4. Stop complaining about the stuff – Have you wondered why you have had so many complaints lately from your partner? Instead of complaining about things, try to be a supportive partner in your relationship. Remember what you used to love about them, their personality, characteristics, ambitions.
  5. Make an effort to create your discussion more constructive – In a calm and peaceful environment, you should try to have practical communication. Instead of getting all judgy and defensive, listen to your partner patiently.
  6. Spend some time on your shared interests – Find a way to spend your time on shared interests. This activity will help to revive your relationships and flashes the light on the memories that you made together doing these activities.
  7. Try to establish a way to communicate with your partner – If there is a slight chance that stuff can work out if you make an effort, you should take that chance. Partners can try to communicate over coffee breaks or brunch dates. Communication can help to bridge the gap between spouses.
  8. Seek a marriage counselor – Nowadays, people seek the guidance of a marriage counselor when things do not work out even after you have put in the effort. Marriage counselors are professionals and can help spouses to identify the issues in their marriage and guide them.


It is not rocket science or some laboratory experiment but real life. And people need just a little bit of attention and affection from their partner. It’s a busy and hardworking life, and at the end of the day, people need someone who listens and understands them before making judgments. Along with the rough stuff in life, having someone to hold on to you by your side, life gets a little bit easier. Consistent efforts to make your partner feel special will help to keep the love alive in your marriage.