Marriages are made in heaven, or do we have a choice?

marriage problem solution, marriage consultantBefore jumping to our main topic, the first question which needs to be answered is- What is Marriage? It is a bond between two people which involves families of both partners too. It is limited to the two partners only, but it affects many people, be it a happy one or a sad one.  There are statements in favor of and against the concept of marriage’s being made in heaven.  So, what and how is this? In this article, we will try to give a satisfactory and trustworthy answer to this question.

Well, this is a simple yet complex question to answer. Let’s begin with our first part. Is marriage made in heaven? Well, this entirely depends on your beliefs. This is the truth. There are facts for both in favor and against. But, what the correct one for you is what you believe. Let me make it more clear. We all have heard about destiny, but we also have heard that we can change our destiny with our constant hard work and stubborn willpower. Every human is the writer of his destiny. He becomes and gets what he believes wholeheartedly and works hard for that. Every one of us has heard this, atleast in some Bollywood movie or daily soaps.

In favor of a bond made in heaven

Now, many of us have heard that “Jori” (couple) is made in heaven. There is one destined for you, and no matter what you do, you will only end with that person. It is said that what will happen when was written before our birth. We may meet thousands of people. We can have someone we love wholeheartedly, but we will end with them only mentioned in our destiny.

In favor of, we have a choice

marriage problem solution, marriage consultantAs I have said earlier in this article, we are the writer of our destiny. I believe our destiny is like a proper chapter made in a copy, where some space is left for adding things, with a whitener and pen on our side. And with our beliefs, hard work, and stubborn willpower, we can use the pen to write new points and whitener to erase some of the older ones. Now let me tell you about this case that what I believe. Maybe my belief can help you in some way. In my opinion, some part of our destiny is fixed, which cannot be changed, but some parts can be edited.

Let me make it more simple & straightforward by an example. Being born in a low-income family is destiny; we can’t do anything to change it, but not working hard and remain poor for the whole life or working hard and change the current state is entirely in the hands of that person only. It is only him who will decide. Everyone has their problems. But many cops up those problems and succeed in their life too.

Personal views

I have already mentioned my point of view on this in the earlier section. What I believe is 50-50. Some are fixed; our work can alter some. We all have heard about “Karma.” Again another famous statement, You will receive what you will do in the same lifetime. So, Karma affects destiny, in my opinion.

How is it your own belief

Now, those who strongly believe that marriage is a pre-decided bond made in heaven will always come up with one statement. This is what was written in destiny. Suppose you ask if marriage is written in destiny, then why are their divorces and second marriages. Then their answer will be because that’s what is written there. Divorce and second marriage are also written in destiny. So they can always come with the same answer every time. And those who believe in Karma will come up with their answer every time, like if it is pre-decided why bothering with Tippans, Patras and Kundalis and those 36 qualities.


The right one will come at the right time, and everything will happen accordingly. This is not a matter of debate, in my view. I am not saying that we shouldn’t clear our confusion. What I am saying is to hear everything and trust what you want. You will listen to lots of things, but you will receive and become what you believe. So, go with what you found more trustworthy.