Tips to get lost love back from Astrology


When you are in a relationship with any person, there are multiple issues that you have to go through with them. These issues sometimes lead to fights or even separation. If you are dealing with love issues and you want your lost love back, take the help of astrology. lost love back, love problem solution, love marriage solution

Why Astrology?

Astrology has the power of predicting whether the couple will remain happy after union or not. It happens while matching the Kundli of both boy and girl as per their birthday, birthplace, birth time, etc. Astrologers can see the dosh that will affect them as a couple and has the solutions for it as well. These solutions help them to get past any concerns occurring between them.

How will it work?

There are several ways in astrology as well that can help you get your love back. However, you have to be patient, consistent, focused, and have faith in the process. Slowly and steadily, you will see the progress between you and your partner. It depends on you and your astrologer which method do you want to use. We are listing a few astrological tips below for your reference:

How to get lost love back

The solution varies from situation to situation. If you are still together even regardless of all issues, you can do Vrat and Puja regularly, which will help you sort your problems. However, if the case has gotten worse like separation, or break up, you can follow the below routines to help yourself.

Durga Mantra

We see Durga ma as a source of power who can destroy evil in every form. Sometimes, evil energy takes over the beautiful relationship between two people and ruins it. Therefore, you can chant the Durga Mantra to protect your connection with your partner or bring them back into your lives. 

Lemon Totka

In this Lemon Totka method, you have to and insert iron nails in it. After you have done this process, you have to put a pinch of sindoor in it. It is the preparation part, and now you have to take that lemon and revolve it around your partner. Make sure you rotate it exactly seven times.

Love Spell

The spell is more like a mantra that can bring universal force to do something you want. Chanting them correctly in proper form can sort all your problems, including your love life issues. There is too many love spells present there for addressing various reasons. Hence, you have to be honest with your astrologer about your love problems. And what lead to your break up with your partner. So that his love spell will work on the root cause of the issue, and your love life will be back on track. 

Vashikaran mantra for love issues solution

This method is very famous among people. Vashikaran is more like hypnotizing a person and make them do what you want. It is surely an extreme step, and you should try to avoid it or consider it as the last option. It is a tantra vidya that your astrologer will do for you. After that, you will be able to control the mind of your lover. 


No relationship is perfect, but we can work towards it to make it successful. So if any hurdles appear in your love life, you should look for solutions instead of running from them. Jitubhai Pandit is an expert in this field and will help you in getting your lost love back. With his blessings and wisdom, you can enjoy a happy life with your loved partner and get past all issues coming in your way.