Vastu Tips For Buying Home


vastu tipsDo you want your home and family to stay away from negative energies? We try our best not to let anything affect the well-being of our loved ones negatively. Therefore, we have brought you a few Vastu tips to help you maintain optimism in your household. These tips are as per the plan, design, and layout of our ancient Indian architecture system. So, if you are a firm believer in Vastu Shastra, these tips will be very beneficial for you.

Vastu Tips

Front Or Entrance

The entrance door of your house should face north, east, or northeast direction. When you open the door, it should move in a clockwise direction to welcome the positive energy. It is preferable to have a wooden entrance door that is well lit. The best color for it would be black.


We highly suggest that your bedroom should face the southwest direction of your house. You can decorate it with fresh plants and flowers to maintain peace in the home. The color of the bedroom walls should be light and pleasant. The wardrobe in your bedroom should be on the southwest wall.


The kitchen is the place that removes your hunger. It is also the place for fire, and the fire god (Agni Dev) likes to reside in the southeast direction. Hence, you know the best location for the kitchen. To boost your positivity, you can put your kitchen appliances in the southeast and grocery items in the southwest direction.

Living room

The living room is the first thing that a guest notices in your house. Also, you cannot relocate much, so you have to keep these points in mind while buying your flat. If your living room is facing north, northeast, east, or northwest, then you don’t have to worry. It is preferable to have enough space in the center of the living room. The wall colors of the living room can be any shade of white, beige, cream, or light pink.


If your house has a balcony, make sure it is in either rectangular or square shape. Most astrologers, including us, believe that it should be in the north, northeast, or eastern part of the house. Nature lovers can also think of placing a small water fountain in the northeast direction of the balcony. Wind chimes are also one of the accessories that bring good luck to the home. The balcony door would be the best place for it to hang on.

House Appearance Or Shape

As an astrologer, I would suggest buying a house that resembles the shape of Gaumukhi. It means that your entrance should be narrower, but the back should be broader. It is best to avoid extended corners in the house. You can also decorate your place strategically to promote happiness. The décor, like a bamboo plant, buddha statue, horseshoe, Swastik symbol, all these things push positive energy in your home.

Color Combination

Every color speaks for itself and carries a distinct quality. Choosing the right color for every corner is necessary to maintain the overall harmony in your house. For us, white means purity, green means jealousy, blue depicts tranquillity, red is for passion, etc. So fill your rooms with colors as per their purpose.

Puja Room

Your Puja Room should be in the north, east, or northeast direction. So that when you are offering your prayers, you are also facing north direction. Make sure that your Puja room is not under a staircase or shares the wall of your bathroom.