What is kaal Sarp Dosh / yog ? Symptoms and Remedies

A person suffering from Kaal sarpa Yoga or dosh should spend his life walking on the path of right way. . It would be best if you stayed as far away from any risk as possible.

Significantly such a person should not hurt any other person. If a person suffering from Kaal sarpa Yog or dosh continues to perform his duties steadily, then such a person does not get the special side effect of Kaal sarp dosh.

In the Kaal sarpa Yog or dosh  horoscope, the person concerned with the sentiment, which is being made, should respect that person. He should never hurt. If Kaal sarpa Yoga or dosh is auspicious, then such a person gets a very high level of success in the condition of Rahu.

Auspicious effects of kaal sarpa yoga / dosh

  • The illusory effects of Kaal sarpa yoga are destroyed if Rahu is situated, if his rashi swami is in a strong position in the birth journal or if the lord of Rashi falls on Rahu.
  • The nakshatra in which Rahu is situated, the lord of that nakshatra is in a strong position in the birth chart.
    kaal sarp dosh, kaal sarp yog
  • Even if Rahu is in a low zodiac, but the lord of the nakshatra of that zodiac is strong. Even such a Kalasarpa yog does not give inauspicious results.
  • Along with Rahu, the planets of other planets also affect Kalasarpa Yog. If the house of low zodiac influence is on Rahu, then the condition or Rahu orientation is not favorable. When auspicious planets are associated with Rahu, the condition of Rahu gives pleasing results.
  • If the face of Kaal Snake is situated in the constellation of both planets like Rahu and Kalsarp’s tail, which is auspicious and well-placed in the center and triangle of horoscope, then such a person would get very promising results of Kalsarpa Yog.


You should consult an best astrologers in surat, to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh,  And worship should be done, only they can prevent it. Jitubhai Pandit is proficient in such work.