Types Of Nakshatras & Their Significant Impact On Your Life



In the Vedic period, there was 27 constellations, which is used to understand the celestial influence of our planet. The word “naks” means “sky” and “shtra” means “map”. These 27 constellations, 300-400 light-years away, were used to calculate the time and movement of stars. There is also another interesting story about these nakshatras. There was a king who had 27 daughters, he married them off to the moon. But the moon was spending time more with Rohini, so the other sisters were angry and complained to their father. King tries to convince Moon to visit all his daughters, but the moon didn’t listen to the king. So irate king cursed the moon to increase and decrease size after 30 days. So that is moon visits every nakshatra exactly one day in a month, so that cycle starts again after 30 days.

Impact of nakshatra on our life

Each one of us has a different Nakshatra. It is determined by a person’s birth time. According to Hindu mythology, we will start all auspicious things at our favourable nakshatra. Each nakshatra possesses different virtues. We can predict persons nature with Janma nakshatras

Indian astrologers have predicted nakshatra for each occasion. For example, you may want to shift house or house warming. For these occasions, the favourable nakshatras are Rohini, Anuradha, Revati, Chitra.

Rohini (Manushaya)

Rohini nakshatra is an auspicious star ruled by Brahma, as we know Brahma is the god of creation. So, whenever you are starting some new chapter in life, these nakshatras will make work successful. And the person who has been born in Rohini nakshatra will be bright. They can connect easily with the earth and moon. They will be a wealthy and religious person.

Ashwini (Dev)

Ashwini natives will be beautiful, and they are financially stable. They will bring happiness and confidence to other people’s lives; they will be efficient at work. We find these people to be more likable than others. They will have attractive personalities.

Bharani (Manushya)

Usually, people are born in Bharani nakshatra are violent, adventurous, and dangerous. They will be materialistic with dreadful nature. Bharani is ruled by Yama Raja. They will have a fickle-minded person.

Kritika (Rakshasa)

Kritika natives are born proud. They have a great desire for power, strength, and good health. Kritika means the “axe”, people who are born with this nakshatra are energetic and an honourable person. And they will be ambitious for power with a weaving thought. They are skilled people with great physical strength.

Mrigashira (Dev)

Native-born are usually introverted, and they love to live a simple life. Mrigashira Nakshatra is the seeker of truth and beauty. They will have a thin body basically; the native-born will be sensitive. They also love to talk a lot. They have a good voice, there are a lot of possibilities they could be singers or orators.

Pushya (Dev)

Pushya native is a most pious; Pushya seeks the truth. Native-born is a calm and composed person. Pushya is ruled by Brhaspati. This nakshatra is a deva or godly nakshatra. They are very cautious of every situation.

Purva Phalguni (Manushya)

Native-born are pessimistic people and are born artists. They have tactful speech and create a pleasant atmosphere around them. They have a noble heart. And Purva nakshatra is good at business.

Moola (Rakshasa)

Moola natives are firm and fixed. They have a pre-set of ideas in their minds, and they stick to that. And also, they have a very kind heart, and moola nakshatra are charitable in nature.

And they are also other nakshatras on the list. Every nakshatra has an important significance in astrology.


We know that the impacts of the ‘Nakshatra’ are very important in Vedic astrology. One should never ignore its importance. It is considered to be the most reliable and unavoidable compared to all the astrological methods prevalent in the whole world.